360 Pc. Terminal Assortment Kit

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  • Professional quality terminals
  • Popular sizes fit a variety of applications
  • Sectioned plastic storage case


  • 25pc. Bullet F2BS 16-14ga.                         30pc. Butt Connector BF1.25(S) 22-16ga.
  • 10pc. Line Connector DF1.25A Two Way       30pc. Butt Connector BF2(S) 16-14ga.
  • 2x5pc. Female Bullet F2AS 16-14ga.            15pc. Butt Connector BF5.5(S) 12-10ga.
  • 30pc. 10-32 Ring RF2-5 16-14ga.                30pc. #10 Spade YF2-5 16-14ga.
  • 20pc. 1/4" Ring RF2-6 16-14ga.                  25pc. Male Disconnect V2-7B 16-14ga.
  • 20pc. 3/8" Ring RF2-10 16-14ga.                25pc. Female V2-7A 16-14ga.
  • 20pc. 10-32 Ring RF5.5-5 12-10ga.             20pc. #10 Spade YF5.5-5 12-10ga.
  • 15pc. 1/4" Ring RF5.5-6 12-10ga.               10pc. Male PN2-7B 16-14ga.
  • 15pc. 3/8" Ring RF5.5-10 12-10ga.             10pc. Female PN2-7A 16-14ga.

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