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Milton® 921 Tire Gauge

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Pencil Type Gauge for radial and conventional passenger tires

  • 5 to 50 PSI in 1 lb. increments
  • Kilo Pascals (kPa) 40 to 350 in 10 kPa increments
All Milton Products are manufactured to exacting standards, using the finest materials and are guaranteed against all defects in materials and/or workmanship for a period of one year from date of purchase. With proper care, they will provide long and "trouble-free" service. 

If a user feels any Milton product has not provided reasonable service and has not been abused or misused, the user may return that product, prepaid, to the factory. (UPS FEDEX or Parcel Post only)

 Any product, which factory inspection reveals to be defective in materials and/or workmanship within the terms of our Limited Warranty, will be repaired or replaced, no charge, at our option. Repairable products, which inspection reveals to be abused, misused, or worn in service, and which are not considered expendable, will be reconditioned for a nominal service charge, and returned to the user.